In the ever-evolving landscape of deathcare, a revolutionary concept has taken root, intertwining the realms of life, death, and environmental stewardship. Meet Transcend, the eco-friendly deathcare service launched in October 2022. In this extensive exploration, we delve into the intricacies of Transcend’s unique approach to end-of-life planning, unveiling the innovative Tree Burial model that not only honors the departed but also contributes to the flourishing of our planet.

The Birth of Transcend

In a world grappling with the environmental impacts of traditional burial methods, Transcend emerges as a beacon of sustainability. Founded in October 2022, this visionary company seeks to address the challenges associated with honoring the departed while minimizing the ecological footprint. Transcend’s mission revolves around simplicity and environmental consciousness, providing a harmonious solution to the complex intersection of life, death, and nature.

The Tree Burial Process

At the core of Transcend’s commitment to the environment lies its groundbreaking Tree Burial model. The process is a meticulous dance with nature, beginning with the preparation of the burial plot using locally-sourced wood chips. Bodies, adorned in biodegradable flax linen, are then gently placed onto the bed of wood chips. A layer of mycorrhizal-enriched fungi, soil, and additional wood chips follows, creating a fertile environment for the tree that is carefully planted above the burial site.

This process is a symphony of natural elements working in tandem, ensuring not only a respectful resting place for the departed but also a nurturing ground for the chosen tree. Families can actively participate in the selection of trees, with options tailored to local conditions and a focus on tree health and longevity. As the tree grows, the interconnected underground network facilitates the sharing of nutrients and resources, fostering a sense of continuity and connection in the natural world.

Environmental Benefits

Jennifer DeBruyn, Ph.D., a leading Human Decomposition Expert, sheds light on the ecological advantages inherent in Transcend’s approach. Humans and animals, dense with nutrients vital for plant growth, become an integral part of the ecosystem through the process of decomposition. This section emphasizes how Transcend’s Tree Burial not only enriches the soil but also contributes to the health of the forest, marking a departure from the resource-intensive practices of traditional burials.

A comparative analysis underscores the environmental benefits of Transcend burials over standard cremation and casket burials. The use of natural materials in Transcend’s process significantly reduces the demand for wood, metal, toxic chemicals, cement, and other materials associated with conventional burials. Shocking statistics from the Green Burial Council reveal the staggering environmental impact of traditional burials, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable alternatives.

Transparency in End-of-Life Choices

Ed Bixby, Head of the Green Burial Council, underscores the importance of transparency in end-of-life choices. Traditional cremation, touted as an alternative, comes under scrutiny for its lack of transparency regarding the processes involved. The blog explores how Transcend addresses this concern by utilizing natural materials in the burial process, minimizing the ecological impact and providing individuals with a clear understanding of the environmental consequences of their end-of-life choices.

Carbon Sequestration and Global Impact

In stark contrast to the notable carbon dioxide emissions associated with cremation, Transcend’s Tree Burial emerges as a carbon-absorbing alternative. The blog delves into the statistics, revealing that Transcend burials sequester 5.8 times more carbon dioxide than the emissions from cremation. This revelation positions Transcend as a frontline warrior in the battle against climate change, offering individuals a meaningful and sustainable choice for their final resting place.

Planting Hope: The Future Tree Movement

Transcend extends its impact beyond individual burials through a profound partnership with One Tree Planted. For every Transcend Tree Burial, 1,000 additional native trees are planted, contributing to the global initiative of planting 1.2 trillion trees in the next decade. The blog explores the significance of this collaboration and its role in mitigating the worst effects of climate change, creating a legacy that extends far beyond individual lives.

Securing Your Green Legacy

For those inspired by Transcend’s vision, the opportunity to reserve a forest plot becomes an empowering choice. This section details how individuals can make zero-interest payments while alive, actively supporting Transcend’s growth and immediate reforestation efforts. By committing to a Transcend burial, individuals not only secure their preferred burial method but also contribute to a sustainable future, unburdening their families from unexpected financial strains.

Pet-Friendly Sustainability

Transcend’s commitment to sustainability extends to beloved animal companions. The blog briefly touches upon the pet burial option, empowering pet owners to embrace eco-conscious practices. The DIY-style kit provides pet owners with a flax linen carrier, burial bag, enriched soil, and instructions for use, allowing them to honor their pets’ memory while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Join the Future Tree Movement

The blog concludes with an impassioned call to action, inviting readers to join the “Future Tree Movement.” By contributing $100, individuals not only support the planting of 100 trees through One Tree Planted but also secure an $8,500 rate for Transcend services. This proactive engagement allows individuals to actively participate in the Future Tree Movement, making a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability and shaping the legacy they leave behind.


In a world grappling with environmental challenges, Transcend emerges as a revolutionary force, redefining end-of-life practices. This extensive exploration of Transcend’s Tree Burial model showcases not only its eco-friendly approach but also its potential to reshape our understanding of life, death, and our impact on the planet. Join the Future Tree Movement and be a part of this transformative journey towards a greener afterlife, where every burial becomes a seed for the future.