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Meet the team behind EnviroJusticePR

EnviroJusticePR Team

Katya Vasnetsov

Katya is a 16-year old junior in high school from Puerto Rico. Living on an island, she feels deeply connected and responsible for the environment around her. She is the founder and co-president of her school’s Go Green Club, and loves to initiate different community-wide campaigns focused on eco-friendliness. She also enjoys participating in both national and international STEM competitions, with a concentration on environmental sustainability. In her free time, Katya loves traveling, reading, and public speaking.

EnviroJusticePR Team

Isabella Muradyan

Isabella is a 16 year old junior in high school TASIS Dorado in Puerto Rico. Her love for the ocean drives her passion for ecological conservation as she loves to snorkel and surf in her free time. Isabella's experiences with environmental conservation focus on community-based strategies that create localized and specific change. With an interesting biological sciences, Isabella is constantly learning and exploring the world around her developing new ways to make it a better place.

EnviroJusticePR Team

Victor Vasnetsov

Victor is rising junior in high school in Puerto Rico. Passionate about the environment, he is the co-president of his school’s Environmentalists’ Club for the past 3 years and intends to make an impact through programs like this. Eager to expand his knowledge and understanding of ecological issues, Victor has taken AP Environmental Science and actively engages in national and international science competitions, winning top places. In his free time, Victor enjoys playing basketball, spending time with family and friends, and reading.