Pro Environmental Limited, a leading PET bottle recycling specialist, has undertaken a transformative initiative to bolster its plastic sorting capabilities through a strategic investment in cutting-edge sensor-based sorting equipment from TOMRA Recycling Sorting. This proactive step underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to furnishing higher purity plastic streams, catering to the stringent requirements of both the wash-plant and PET manufacturing sectors. The establishment of a state-of-the-art £15 million plastic packaging sorting facility in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, represents a pivotal milestone in Pro Environmental’s quest for sustainable plastic recycling solutions. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, Pro Environmental aims to leverage TOMRA’s advanced technology to streamline sorting processes, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate the quality of recycled PET products. By embracing state-of-the-art solutions and adopting a holistic approach to environmental stewardship, Pro Environmental is poised to redefine industry standards and drive positive change in the realm of plastic recycling, setting a precedent for sustainable business practices and responsible resource management.

The Strategic Partnership: Pro Environmental and TOMRA

The strategic partnership forged between Pro Environmental and TOMRA emerged following a rigorous competitive tender process, culminating in TOMRA being chosen as the technology partner of choice. This decision was driven by Pro Environmental’s acknowledgment of TOMRA’s unparalleled expertise and pioneering solutions within the recycling domain. By entrusting TOMRA with this crucial role, Pro Environmental demonstrates its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency within its operations.

Central to this collaboration is the deployment of TOMRA’s advanced sensor-based sorting equipment, which Pro Environmental has strategically leveraged to optimize its sorting processes. By integrating TOMRA’s cutting-edge technology, Pro Environmental aims to achieve superior quality outputs and enhance throughput rates, thereby bolstering its competitive edge in the market. This partnership underscores Pro Environmental’s steadfast dedication to the continuous advancement of plastic recycling practices. By aligning with TOMRA, a recognized leader in recycling solutions, Pro Environmental reaffirms its commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the industry while adhering to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Through collaborative efforts and a shared vision for a more sustainable future, both entities are well-positioned to catalyze positive change and set new benchmarks for excellence in the recycling sector.

Advanced Sorting Capabilities: TOMRA’s AUTOSORT™ Units

At the heart of Pro Environmental’s new sorting facility are six AUTOSORT™ optical sorters from TOMRA, renowned for their precision and reliability. These state-of-the-art units are instrumental in recovering target fractions of various plastic polymers, including natural PET, PET Jazz, PET trays, HDPE original, HDPE Jazz, Polypropylene (PP), as well as 3D and 2D residues. With homogeneous light distribution and flexible sensor configurations, TOMRA’s AUTOSORT™ units ensure exceptional performance and operational efficiency, enabling Pro Environmental to achieve unparalleled purity levels in their recycled PET products.

Operational Workflow: From Infeed to Sorting Stage

The operational workflow at Pro Environmental’s sorting plant begins with the arrival of mixed plastics packaging material, primarily sourced from local authorities and other sources across the UK. Upon arrival, the material undergoes a series of sorting processes, including ballistic separation to segregate 2D and 3D fractions, as well as recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Subsequently, the material enters the main sorting stage, where TOMRA’s AUTOSORT™ units meticulously sort the materials by polymer and color, ensuring optimal quality and purity levels.

Testimonials: Pro Environmental’s Success Story

Jack Welsh, Director at Pro Environmental Limited, highlights the pivotal role of TOMRA’s technology in driving their success. He emphasizes the invaluable support and expertise provided by TOMRA throughout the planning and implementation phases, underscoring the transformative impact of automation on their operations. Welsh acknowledges the surpassing of expectations in terms of throughput and purity levels, attributing much of their achievements to TOMRA’s cutting-edge equipment.

Future Prospects and Collaborative Growth

As Pro Environmental embarks on a new chapter of growth and innovation, the partnership with TOMRA remains integral to their strategic vision. Steven Walsh, Area Sales Manager UK at TOMRA Recycling Sorting, expresses his delight in witnessing Pro Environmental’s journey towards enhancing polymer circularity through the adoption of advanced recycling technologies. With a shared commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, both parties are poised to continue driving positive change in the recycling industry, paving the way for a more sustainable future.


Pro Environmental’s strategic investment in TOMRA’s cutting-edge technology signals a pivotal advancement in the evolution of plastic recycling methodologies. By harnessing the power of TOMRA’s innovative solutions, Pro Environmental is spearheading a paradigm shift in recycling practices, driving towards a more sustainable future. Through collaborative partnerships and a steadfast commitment to innovation, Pro Environmental is poised to emerge as a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable plastic recycling.

With enhanced sorting capabilities and a dedication to operational excellence, Pro Environmental is setting new industry standards for efficiency and environmental stewardship. By leveraging TOMRA’s expertise and state-of-the-art technology, Pro Environmental is not only optimizing its own operations but also contributing to the broader global effort to address plastic waste challenges. This strategic alignment underscores Pro Environmental’s role as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring others in the industry to embrace sustainable practices and drive meaningful impact for generations to come.